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Honduras Mission Trip- June 2011

March 3, 2015 - 9:00pm
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Honduras Mission Trip June 2011

This was our second trip to San Francisco de Asis.  We were there from June 21-28, 2011.  Those travelling included: Fr. Chris, John & Kathy Evans, Chris Brokaw, Kurt and Brenda Guldner, Marcia Kellner, Lisa Lahey, Doris Daves, Jim Bowman, John Jones and Karen and Debby Emminger.
   This visit was mostly visiting some of the aldeas that we had not been to in January.   We visited the villages of San Lorenzo, Mayaran, Travesia, Joval, and Yauyupe. We were always greeted with spirited celebrations and mass.  The children of Mayaran were especially gifted in their music.  The drums were bigger than the players in many cases.  The local delegado in Mayaran, Nicolas, also was an accomplished farmer.  He had received training in agriculture Tegucigalpa.  He had been able to build two small ponds for fish and used principles of irrigation and terracing to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables not seen in most of this area.  He also trained other local men to use these principles to increase their production of food.
      We had anticipated possibly helping with work on a project to help repair the choir loft and roof at the church.  But they said that they had budgeted into the funds requested for this project the cost of paying local laborers to do the work.  It seems far better to help provide income to local workers than to have us help do the work. Unemployment in this area is very high.  Most people live by subsistence farming. They had not started the choir loft repair, but did have the supplies to begin construction.

   We had an interesting experience one day while travelling to one of the aldeas.  The truck we were riding in developed a flat tire.  We were separated from the other truck at the time, so we started to change the tire.  The spare tire was under the truck.  It was held in place by a complicated aparatus. Padre Juan Pablo had gone up a hill to anoint a sick woman with Sor Dorly, who was bringing her medicine.  Those of us with the truck couldn't figure out how to get the spare down from its enclosure.  We tried any way.  The Americans would suggest one thing and our friends from Honduras would suggest another idea.  We all tried to figure it out, but to no avail. Everyone was frustrated.  Finally, P. Juan Pablo returned and quickly removed the spare as he had done this before.  The Americans and Hondurans looked at each in disbelief that they had been so close to figuring this out, but had not been able to do it.  Now there were many smiles and handshakes about their effort.  The relationship was growing.
     We were able to once again meet with Sister Maria Rosa at her orphanage in Tegucigalpa. It was very inspiring to listen to her story and visiting the children.
    From there they took us for a day of relaxation to Valle de Angeles and also visiting the Basilica of Suyapa.