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Honduras Mission January 2015

February 13, 2015 - 9:45am
7243 E 10th St
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United States


Honduras Mission Trip- January, 2015

Thirteen travelers went to Texiguat, Honduras from January 20-27, 2015. We were there for one week and visited the sick and elderly in four villages and celebrated Mass or Holy Hour in these communities.  The communities were: Ciruelo, Mayaran, El Retiro and Texiguat.  We distributed rosaries, cross necklaces, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shoes and medicine.  We taught English in the villages to the school children. We prayed, sang, played, ate, danced and worked together.  We were one body in Christ.

Those travelling were, Father Paul Koetter, Chris Brokaw, John & Kathy Evans, Stephanie & Erin White, Kathy Perron, David Snell, Judy Moloy, Doris Daves, Larry Heil, Lisa Lahey, and Terie Schaeffer.  We all stayed in pairs with host families in the town of Texiguat.

    In the aldeas, we visited the sick and elderly.   They were anointed and given communion.  We celebrated the First Communion by four young girls at a mass in El Retiro.  At mass in Texiguat, Fr. Paul presided in the Rite of Presentation for a new-born baby.  All masses and Holy Hours were started with lively music and presentations by school children and adults. 

   Transportation was in 4-wheel drive trucks.  Some were able to ride in the twin cab in front.  Others enjoyed riding in the bed of the truck. 

As some luggage did not come in with our flight, two days later two of the local men drove to Tegucigalpa to pick up this luggage.  Unfortunately, just as they were arriving at the airport, the truck had a major malfunction with one of the front wheels.  They were able to arrange for its repair and brought the luggage back on a public bus.  Fortunately this problem did not occur while they were on the mountain roads between Tegucigalpa and Texiguat.  This probably would have resulted in deadly consequences.  Having some extra cash, we gave this to Padre Juan Pablo to have the truck repaired.  Upon consultation with the Cardinal, Juan Pablo was advised to replace this truck as it was having too many mechanical problems after years of service.  Unfortunately, the Cardinal did not have extra funds available for this.  He asked if we would consider raising money to help P. Juan Pablo replace his worn-out truck.  Father Paul said that we would explain the situation to our parish and see if we could raise funds for this purpose.  By November, 2015, we had raised almost $19,000 and sent the money to Padre to pay for the difference of the money they got in selling the used truck.  By late January, 2016, Padre Juan Pablo had picked up his new Nissan Frontier 4X4 truck.

     Everyone left feeling we had gained more than we had received due to the hospitality and love shared by the people we encountered throughout the week.