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What We Offer

     The Greeting Ministry began with the arrival of Father Paul in 20.  He had this ministry at his former parish and thought it was a good way for parishioners to meet one another.  Father Paul even started the use of name tags which people are still wearing today.  It was his way of remembering faces and names.

     We have a total of 29 greeters at the present time.  They greet on a rotation every three months for the entire month.  We arrive 15-20 minutes before Mass begins.

     Greeters are volunteers that are stationed at the entrances to the church each weekend to extend a friendly and warm welcome to parish members and guests as they enter church for Mass.  They assist those in wheel chairs or walkers.  Sometimes, they give others directions to the restroom or even the chapel.  Some of the greeters will hand out the bulletin if you choose to have one before Mass.  Their purpose is so that all members and guests feel welcomed as they enter into the House of God.

     It’s a very rewarding ministry.  I myself have met so many wonderful parishioners I would never have known.  The 12/Noon Mass is in need of greeters. 

Contact Information

 Anyone wishing to volunteer may contact Patty Caito at 317-894-2354 or

Bible Quote

"All the brothers greet you. Greet one with a holy kiss.” - Corinthians 16:20

Volunteer Quotes

  • “I am having such a wonderful time meeting people. I wish I had started sooner.”
  • “I’m retiring from my job of greeting for two months. See you in September.”
  • “I’m so happy you asked me to be a greeter. I love meeting new people and can’t wait till its my turn again.”

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