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Palm Sunday 2016

Fr. Juan Valdez
Sunday, March 20, 2016 - 8:30am

Fr. Paul's Homily

The homily is a small part of this celebration today. We enter into this Holy Week with profound awareness of what is to come.  Let’s take a moment and look at the important days of Holy Week and see how they involve us.


Palm Sunday is the glorious entrance into Jerusalem when Jesus is greeting with, “Hosanna to the King!” As we honor this day, we should ask ourselves the question, “Where am I in the journey into Jerusalem?”

--Am I a curious, but uninvolved observer?  Do I watch but never really commit to Christ?

--Am I excited about Jesus, but only as long as he says easy things?  Am I involved if faith involves glory and power, but not involved if it involves suffering and loss?

--Am I committed to Christ, in good times and in bad; on Palm Sunday and Good Friday?


Holy Thursday is Jesus’ giving of himself to others, both in the Last Supper through the Eucharistic giving of his Body and Blood; the giving of himself in the service of the washing of the feet; in his total obedience to the Father’s Will in the Garden.

--Do I truly appreciate Jesus’ sacrifice for me every time I receive Holy Communion?

--As a follower of Jesus, am I a servant of others, helping those who need my help? Do I wash other’s feet?

--Where is my obedience to the Father’s Will?


Good Friday was the day of sadness and loss, when Jesus chose to surrender all power, being complete at the mercy of his crucifiers.

--Do I also feel powerless at times, especially when my health fails or I have to rely upon the help of others?

--Do I see the cross as part of the Christian Life, or do I feel the cross is always a mistake?


Holy Saturday is the day of emptiness and darkness, when doubt and confusion filled the hearts of Jesus’ followers.

--Often we stand between cross and resurrection, between loss and new beginning.  Can we stand with those early disciples in this experience?

--Can we affirm hope, even when we do not see the answer?

--Can we stand with each other in our times of loss?


Easter is the day of New Life, when God gives an answer in a way that was least expected.

--Can I see the little resurrections that have occurred in my life?

--Do I believe in the gift of eternal life that Jesus’ death and resurrection offer to me.

--Can I rejoice, even when I am still suffering?


My friends, take some time this week to share in Jesus’ journey of Holy Week.  Come to church when you can, but truly honor each day.