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How to submit information for the Bulletin:

Once a week, we put together a bulletin that provides information for upcoming events, ministries, volunteer opportunities, Mass intentions, Mass times, pictures, condolences, and notes of appreciation for the parishioners of Holy Spirit Church. We hope that you take a few minutes each week to take a quick look at events and activities that are happening in your parish! Get involved! It's a great way to feel and be connected with your faith community and make life- long friends.

Here are a few suggestions for providing information to the bulletin editor in order to insure proper publication of your event/activity.

If at all possible, please send information for publication thru email to: If you are unable to send information thru email, please bring into the parish office, a hand written or typed note that lists all the important details for your event/activity. Please drop off this request to Room 5 on the second floor of the parish office. When sending info. to the bulletin editor thru email please do NOT save your file in a PDF format. Please save your file in a Word or Publisher document format. If sending a photo for the bulletin, please save the file in a jpeg format. Information to be printed in the bulletin must be received by the Bulletin Editor by 5:00pm on the Monday preceding the weekend that the article will appear in the bulletin. If you have any questions regarding the bulletin, please feel free to call the parish office at: 353-9404 (Mon,Tues,Wed) and ask for Andrea.